Car TransmissionsHaving an engine and transmission that works efficiently and harmoniously is crucial for efficient driving. But if you drive your car long enough, your car’s transmission will wear out eventually even with good maintenance and upkeep.

The good news is that most transmissions will show signs of wear or give warnings before going out completely. Make sure you pay attention to anything that seems unusual.

Here are 4 warning signs your transmission may be failing.

Odd sounds

If your car is making funny sounds such as humming, buzzing or whining, you’ve probably got a transmission problem. These noises should never be ignored. Schedule an appointment with your mechanic if your car starts making odd sounds while in neutral.

Dipstick inspection

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to help prolong the life of your transmission is by checking the transmission fluid with a dipstick.

Insert the dipstick and examine the fluid level. It should be between 2 marks labelled as add and full. If you are losing a large amount of transmission fluid, you may have fluid leaks. Also, don’t forget to check the color of the fluid.  Good transmissions have clear, pink transmission fluid. If the fluid turns out brownish and you noticed a burnt toast smell, it is a sign that your transmission is burning fluid.

Delay in movement

If you experience a delayed response in movement or acceleration or your car is shifting improperly, your car’s transmission may be in the beginning stages of failure. Poor performance is one of the first signs of a faulty transmission.

Warning light activates

Just because the warning light illuminated, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a transmission problem. But if the light turns on and you notice any of the symptoms above, you may want to get your transmission checked.

Transmission problems can be expensive. Please call Gene’s Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for transmission service if you start noticing anything out of the ordinary. Make sure you have it checked and fixed before it turns into a more complicated, more expensive problem to fix.