The holidays are a popular time for travelers. Roads tend to be busy during this time of the year since most people go out of town to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Some choose to go on vacation and celebrate the holidays elsewhere.

Whether you’re headed towards your favorite vacation spot or to grandma’s house for your annual family get-together, keep these things in mind to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and have a fun-filled holiday with family and friends.

Make frequent rest stops

Driving on icy roads is not only dangerous, it can also be tiring. Most drivers, however, are tempted to drive for hours on end in the hopes of reaching their destination in the soonest possible time. But by doing so, you are putting yourself, your passengers and other motorists at risk.

Have a 15-minute break every 2 hours to avoid fatigue. Get out of the car and stretch your legs. Have some coffee to keep you awake. If you find yourself drowsy, pull over and take a short nap. This can help make up for a short night’s sleep.

Book your accommodations ahead of time

It is likely that many other families will be traveling on the road this holiday season. Staying awake and alert on long drives can be difficult. If it’s a long drive, we suggest that you book a hostel in advance so you can take a rest for at least a few hours, especially at night.

Map your route out in advance so it would be easier for you to find a hostel. Look for hotels that allow guests to cancel up to the day of arrival. Be sure to have the contact information and confirmation codes handy so you can call them in case you’re delayed or need to make changes in your plans.

Have your car serviced before you leave

Before you head off on a road trip, it is a good idea to have your car checked and serviced. A week before your trip, visit Gene’s Auto Repair for an overall service inspection. Also, don’t forget to have your battery, oil and tires checked. This ensures that your vehicle is in good condition and is prepared for the trip. The last thing you want to experience is to get stuck on the side of the road in cold weather. Don’t leave anything to chance.