Most people think that winter is the most dangerous driving season, but the data gathered by the Department of Transportation proved otherwise. This may come as a surprise, but there were actually more incidences car crashes and fatal accidents reported during the summer months as compared to winter.

Here are 4 tips for staying safe for your summer road trip.

Get your car serviced

Schedule a preventive maintenance checkup with your mechanic to ensure that everything is working properly. This may take a little time and money, but will spare you from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown or worse a car crash.

Regular maintenance such as tire rotation, battery checks, oil changes and tune ups will not just extend the life of your vehicle, it can also go a long way towards preventing breakdowns.

Check your tires

Tires must be properly inflated in order to achieve maximum traction and handling. However, tires expand in hot weather, which can lead to tire blowout. As such, we recommend that you check your tire pressure in the morning while internal temperature is still cool. Never reduce pressure of warm tires as it may fall below the specified pressure requirement once they cool down.

Buckle up

Buckling up is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself and your passengers safe throughout the trip. Make sure that everyone in your vehicle is buckled up at all times.

Allow for frequent breaks

Long trips can be exhausting. If you’re the driver, it is important to stay alert and focused at all times. As such, we highly recommend that you allow for frequent breaks to stretch your legs, eat and take a nap. If you’re feeling tired or sleepy, pull off the road to a safe spot and take a nap. If it’s a long trip, consider staying overnight at a motel to ensure that you’re well rested.