Extending the Life of your car

Whether you’re driving an Audi, Impala or an old Buick, you want your car to keep running for as long as possible. Since most people depend heavily on their vehicle as a means of transportation, the last thing you want to worry about is your car breaking down at the side of the road.

At Gene’s Auto Repair, we care about you and your car. This week, we have compiled some tips that will help prolong the life of your automobile while simultaneously reducing the possibility of mechanical mishaps.

Routine maintenance

Most of you know that routine maintenance such as transmission services and oil changes can go a long way towards prolonging your car’s life. But because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, a lot of car owners find it difficult to keep up with the recommended service schedule.

Take time to read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Do regular tune-ups and other required maintenance.

Drive smoothly

Sharp corners, high speeds and sudden starts and stops can put undue stress on your car’s parts. Don’t drive your car like you’re the next racing sensation. Drive safely and responsibly. This will not only greatly increase the life of your vehicle; it can also prevent accidents from happening.

Keep it clean

Your paint does more than just keep your car looking pretty; it also helps withstand dirt, rain, snow and sun better. Wash your car regularly and wax it once in a while. The wax will keep it shiny and make the paint the last longer. Most importantly, it helps keep rust at bay. Your vehicle will retain its appeal and value over time if you keep it clean.

Don’t ignore small problems

Have you noticed some strange noises or behaviors in your car? Just because your car is still running, doesn’t mean it’s good to go. When left unattended, these little issues can turn into bigger, more complicated problems. Tend to minor repairs in a timely manner to prevent further damage and costly repairs in the future.