After the eternally long winter, spring’s warm winds and bright sun are a breath of fresh air. Many of you have probably started tackling some home maintenance task in preparation for the warmer weather. As you throw open the doors and windows of your home this spring, you may also want to give your car a little extra attention.

Here are some tips to get your car spring ready.

Spring car cleaning tips

Wash your car

Frigid temperatures, as well as roads covered in snow and salt can take a toll on your car. However, nobody wants to spend time cleaning their cars, especially when the weather outside is frightful. Now is the perfect time to wipe away the grime and make your car look like new.

Give your vehicle a thorough washing to get rid of the winter mess inside and outside of your car. Make sure that the undercarriage is washed off corrosive salt. If it is not washed off, whatever surface it has attached to will begin to corrode.

Swap your tires

Spring has sprung. That means it’s time to take off those winter tires and swap them out for a set of summer tires. Using winter tires in spring is not only dangerous; your tires will also wear out easily.

Winter tires are designed to stay soft in cold conditions. However, this soft rubber doesn’t have the grip and stability for driving in warm weather. As such, it is important to switch out your tires one the temperatures are steadily above 7 degrees.

Have your car serviced

Many of you are probably planning for your summer vacation. But before you hit the road, we recommend that you pay your mechanic a visit for a quick tune-up and maintenance. This is the perfect time to get your vehicle in shape for summer. This is especially important if you’re driving a long distance.

Going to a professional for a spring check-up will ensure that you car is in great shape and can bring you to your destination safely and efficiently.